Sunday, February 6, 2011

Discovering Watercolors: A W.I.P.

I have had an attack of procrastination...or maybe I have encountered what other artists have experienced: putting a project off until I begin to "feel it". I cannot explain it but there are times that I'm not "feeling it". I avoid drawing/painting at these times because it only seems to produce frustration. But as soon as I do "feel it" I pick up my pencil or brush and get to it, feeling more receptive to the mistakes I make. At any rate, I am successfully learning more about watercolors. Creating color-schemes with colored pencils before working with watercolors is working great for me. I have also discovered that instead of merely waiting to "feel it" for a certain project, that it would be advantageous to start another project...and then another...etc. This way I am not wasting time that could be spent stretching my creativity to new levels.

1 comment:

  1. i understand the frustration and you have to feel in the mood to draw, great painting though x